Mother’s Day Yard Work

Somehow, over the years, we have developed a tradition of 8+ grueling hours of yard work, punctuated with one or two soccer games and at least one trip to Home Depot. Fancy, right?

Now you maybe asking, where are the flowers…where is the breakfast in bed?

Tradition demands I get to sleep in while Hubby, 16, and 9 make me breakfast and coffee. I get to sleep till 8am, non-negotiable. Then its right to the manual labor. The flowers come in plastic flats- not glass vases.

At the end of the hard day, I have a weed free patio with lovely flowers to enjoy my coffee on for all the summer weekends to come. While it is not a day for me to rest and be adored, I do feel appreciated. Bleeding fingers and aching backs are my gifts. I wouldn’t trade it for all the brunches in the world.

This year there was a few extras. I was suckered into a kids workshop at Home Depot which looked messy and included lots of hammering. I was not enthusiastic. 9 was all about it, so we signed up.

It was awesome! How have we missed these gems before? They are hosted free the 1st Saturday of every month. This month was a bird house that 9 assembled completely alone including hammering several nails that I dutifully held still with my eyes squeezed shut. Then she was allowed to paint it, and gorge on popcorn while it dried. They even include a cute apron to protect your clothes. We will do again!

As a surprise Hubby constructed a frame for a porch swing that has been in storage since Neenee, his mom, passed away last year. He gave it a fresh coat of paint and we were able to have a quiet few minutes to enjoy it last night. She enjoyed beautiful flowers as well so it was nice to think of her and enjoy the hard work everyone put in yesterday. I certainly felt loved, which is what its all about really. Fancy brunch is overrated.


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